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Child Obesity

Child Obesity is now-a-days the big issue to be dealt with. The reasons are many to discuss but the basic fact is that these people who are in their childhood do whatever they want to do, they wont listen to the elders when a good word is said. They think that they are the ultimate and what do as they like in all aspects of their life. They won’t follow proper ways and won’t take at all any precautions to control their body from any life threatening disease. They are mostly out from their homes so they get easily used to outside activities easily.

Many Children will make it lazy to do anything which they are indicated to do. When children get affected with this obesity then there won’t take that as a serious one at that stage, but as they start growing slowly and slowly they come to know and they feel bad about that, when anyone teases then they feel shy and they get hurt like anything. Parents must take care of children at all stages of their life since parents are the one who can guide them to follow in a right path, they can indicate them to eat what kind of food that is having good nutritious value and fat content less.

These children eat a lot of burgers, pizza’s and also drink a lot this happens to be one major cause of obesity being affected in them, they are also in the habit of taking lot of chocolates that really have a lot of fat content and which indirectly increase their weight and directly obesity.

According to the current statistics, the obesity rate has been increased over the past years from 6% to 15%. Obesity and over-weight are equally prevalent in girls and boys. Some extra 10% of children are overweight but not obese, if precautions are not taken at this stage the percentage rate will increase more and we can see a high rate in the coming years ahead.

There are many reasons to debate about when child obesity is tawny into consideration, so lack of exercise and improper diet are directly affecting in getting this disease in children. Children must be taught by parents at home and teachers at school regards this topic, if they have any doubts then those must be cleared at all aspects so that they will be having a clear picture and they can try to follow some defined instructions under the guidance of  their parents or teachers.



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