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Obesity And Pregnancy

Obesity increases the risks in Pregnancy, its one of the causes for complications in pregnancy.

These women who are affected with this disease will have a greater predisposition to contract to very serious diseases. If BMI if over 25 units at the beginning of pregnancy then a women can be called as an obese. Many women who are not obese before pregnancy tend to become obese when they give birth to a baby. After their pregnancy they must follow some well defined precautions so that they can reduce their weight to control this obesity. Much depends upon each habits that they follow in all aspects.

Many factors effect weight gain during pregnancy like, genetic factors, size of placenta, the amount of amniotic liquid, the mothers liquid retention, amount of calories taking in during pregnancy, the weight before pregnancy. So if proper precautions are taken before and after pregnancy then the scope of increasing weight will be very less and far from obesity.

An increase in weight before pregnancy will not only affect a women but it will also effect the child who is in the womb. Lot of complications will be there on the child, the amount of calories taken in by the mother will directly affect  the child’s birth. We might see some special cases in which children were born with so many complications the reason behind this in many will be due to obesity. Mother has to take a lot of precautions in her diet as well as in her exercises.

Women have to take care a lot at this stage in their life, a lot of medicines are available which when taken in properly will be very helpful at this juncture. A lot of counseling sessions must be taken by pregnant women so that the outcome will be fruitful forever.

Obese women will have more chances of infertility and blood clots. Women who are obese must have to bear a lot of hospitality charges then when compared with normal women.

There are some surgeries that will really help these obese women to give birth to a child as a normal woman gives.

So whatever might be the reasons the chances are that weight gain during pregnancy will really bring complications in the birth of the child. Women must not take this as a light issue and neglect since there are giving a life for someone, so if they neglect the precautionary measures then they have to suffer for that latter.



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