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Obesity Rate

Obesity is the news that is revolving in many news papers and TV channels, the reason behind this is very simple, the percentage rate has been increased when compared with the previous years. The rise in the figures is mainly due to the negligence of the people in the dieting and exercise habits, when things are taking light then the consequences sometimes will be like this.

Obesity is the crucial subject that must be discussed by all, since when we take the country America into account, the number of people who think to diet and weight loss are increasing year by year like anything. The percentage rate in children and adolescents concerning over-weight is also increased like anything when compared with the old figures.

The reasons for increase in over-weight is the lack of physical activity by everyone and also the intake of junk food at irregular timings. Currently about 31% or about 59 million people are obese in America. The medical costs associated with the treatment of this disease will really strain the health care system of the economy like anything.

The situation is same in almost all the countries, respective governments were taking a lot of precautionary measures to reduce this but at the most they are somewhat only successful, much depends upon the way how people will tackle the situation, understand it and feel that it’s the right time for them to take the sword to fight against this disease. The state exhibiting the largest increase in obesity in America is Alabama, there the rate increased 1.5 percentage points to 27.7 where as Oregon’s rate held at 21 percent.

Obesity rates in Australia are also worsening, to be frank we can say that its an epidemic situation. Even though World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated the alarm to take control and preventive measures regards this disease as per the current scenario we can say that lack of ones interest and negligence made this country to stand at this figure when compared with many other major countries around the world.

Even though we say that the current rates as we had discussed above depicts the worst scenarios about this obesity this can be reduced to the least only individually not by any teams or organizations, since its we the people who have to pay a lot of concentration in taking all the preventive measures to tackle this situation to the end.



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