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Weight Loss Surgery

The surgery for obesity is called bariatric surgery; the operation may be divided into three types, restrictive, malabsorptive and combined. The restrictive weight loss surgery will limit the food intake by creating a narrow passage between the upper and lower stomach, reduces the amount the stomach holds. Malabsorptive takes away most of the small intestine so that the body absorbs fewer calories. The combined operation incorporates both processes.

Doctors may recommend this surgery if the person is at least 100 pounds overweigh, have type 2 diabetes, heart disease or sever sleep apnea, and has a full understanding of how the operation works. Any person who wants to get this kind of surgery should know about what this surgery entails and if it is right for them.

You will be the perfect candidate if you cannot lose weight or keep it off for a long period of time, be informed about the procedures in the surgery, really want to lose weight and have a need to improve your health. You must also be aware that there are some serious complications and some mandatory dietary restrictions. The decision should only be made after careful consideration and research of the surgeries as well as detailed search for the right surgeon.

Other considerations that you must consider before you have the surgery are will you live up to the rules of the therapist, will you diet, exercise, show up for follow up appointments and make the commitment to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

The benefits of this type of weight loss treatment is that you will relieve asthma that is cause by gastro esophageal reflux disease, you may get dramatic results if you suffer from sleep apnea and may even stop snoring completely. Gallbladder problems can be surgically fixed during the procedure. Lower back pain and joint diseases may be relieved because you have removed the excessive amount of weigh that is deteriorating you joints.

Before making your decision to undergo weight loss surgery, make sure that you discuss all of the risks and the benefits. You will want to get as much information as you possibly can from your doctor or your personal physician. Being informed is important to a large weight loss step such as this one. Remember this should be used as a last resort, after you have tried unsuccessfully to use natural methods, if you still cannot maintain the lower weight it may be a good decision.



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