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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has an safe and effective method for the long term treatment of the patients with severe obesity if you decided to have weight loss surgery it is important that you have a permanent lifestyle change. the most important step in weight loss surgery is getting all the information you need about the various surgical options and you should be aware of the signs or symptoms of complication to look for which may occur after your weight loss surgery. Now a days people are taking more interest on health conscious with weight gain and some people are doing dieting to avoid weight loss surgery obesity can cause serious health issues it is often associated with health problems such as hypertension, gall bladder disease, diabetes and high cholesterol today people are trying more unorthodox methods of losing weight but later on there are turning to weight loss surgery.

With the help of present technology, it is possible that the physicians can make diagnosis with the help of clinical examinations. Therefore people who are suffering from obesity problem can undergo surgery without any hesitation or doubts. Weight loss surgery claims to increases longevity and improve health. It has been defined to prevent complications and discomfort for patients. There are some critics that currently there is no evidence to suggest that the weight loss surgery increases life span and improves health. The purpose that weight loss surgery often involves a second or third operation to fix problems which arise after the initial surgery. It will be a life threatening if it all the weight loss surgery goes wrong.

Severe obesity is very difficult to treat for some people for some people surgery will promote weight loss by restricting food but the surgery to weight is a serious undertaking. You should clearly understand the problem before making any decision to make weight loss surgery. Normally as food moves along the digestive tract, digestive juices and enzymes arrive at the right place and at the right time to digest and absorb calories. After we chew and shallow our food it moves down the esophagus to the stomach where there will be a strong acid continues that digestive process most of the iron and calcium in the foods we eat are absorbed in the duodenum the food particles that cannot be digested in the small intestine are stored in the large intestine until eliminated. Therefore it can be said that losing weight depends on the motivation and positive attitude. We must chance our food and do proper dieting in order to live a happy life.

How Does Surgery Promote Weight Loss?

The concept of gastric surgery to control obesity grew out of results of operations for cancer or severe ulcers that removed large portions of the stomach or small intestine.

Because patients undergoing these procedures tended to lose weight after surgery, some doctors began to use such operations to treat severe obesity. The first operation that was widely used for severe obesity was a type of intestinal bypass. This operation, first used 40 years ago, caused weight loss through malabsorption. Two types of surgical procedures used to promote weight loss are:

  • Restrictive surgery
  • Malabsorptive surgery.



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