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Body Mass Index For Women

Body Mass Index or BMI is a usually a statistical tool for the purpose of indicating the body weight according to the scale of height. Body Mass Index is measured to calculate the body fat. To put it in more simple ways it is measured to determine whether the person is underweight, normal, overweight or obese. The ideal method by which the Body Mass Index is calculated: BMI= Weight (Kg)/ Height2 (m2). If you see any chart showing the Body Mass Index for women you will see that it changes accordingly with age. Almost all the charts indicate that the Body Mass Index increases with the age and is also noticeable after the age of 20. It is a common belief in women that they look best when they are within the Body Mass Index Value of 20 and 22 while in the case of men they are happy if their Body Mass Index level ranges between 22 and 25.

When Body Mass Index for women is compared with that of the men it clearly shows a noticeable difference. When both of them are seen for a comparison point of view then it is seen that in all the cases the Body Mass Index for women is lower than that of the men. The only reason behind this is that the men have skeletal muscles which are of a greater mass. It is only after the age of 30 that 50th percentile or sometimes even more than that of women reaches a Body Mass Index level higher than that of the men. Now the first question that will be striking your mind is the reason behind this. It is only because of the reason that the region where the fat mostly accumulates in the case of overweight women is the thigh and hip region but it is no so in the case of men. This trait in women might explain the reason as to why the Body Mass Index level is higher in the case of overweight women.

But you should always keep in mind that it is not at all safe to be anxious if you do not have a perfect body image. You should always trust your own body judgement if you want to have a healthy body. More than physical fitness it is more important to have a healthy mind. Until and unless you have a healthy mind it is not at all possible to carry on the physical activities with that much gusto and enthusiasm. The Body Mass Index is consiedered to be the ideal standard in the measurement of the height and the width of the body and nothing seems to be perfect other than the BMI scale. The online scales also provide you the chance to calculate your Body Mass Index and you can easily hold a comparison with your friends who have a similar height and weight.



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