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Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning is essential part of every health and fitness program. Fat burning exercises are generally slow and long duration types of exercises that involves workout of most of the major muscle groups of the body. The lower intensity cardio-exercises help in burning of higher percentage of calories from body fat. Fat burning exercises mainly include walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming and elliptical exercise trainer workouts. The central idea of fat burning exercises is that more muscle groups are involved in the exercises, more fat is burned.

In order to burn fat effectively, one must exercise at a moderate pace for a longer period of time. These types of aerobic exercises have a residual effect that gives most benefit. The aerobic types of fat burning exercises enhance the metabolic rate which indicates that one will burn calories long after the exercise is over. People who exercise in a regular basis have more fat burning enzymes secreted than the people who do not perform any exercise at all. Only twenty minutes of work out with those fat burning exercises is enough for working of the fat burning enzymes. At start, one should exercise for twenty minutes only and then increase the time limit of workout as the fitness level improves. Three to five days a week should be set out as the goal for workout. Home treadmills and elliptical exercise trainers are also very good for fat burning exercises. These types of machine works provide long duration, slow and aerobic types of exercises that are best as the fat burning exercise. Thus home gym is very effective in fat burning.

The Best Fat Burning  Exercises

The best fat burning exercises enhance the heart rate and cause the short of breath. This type of exercise involves larger number of muscle groups.

  • Dumbbell Lunges - try six sets of this exercise, each thirty times and thirty seconds of rest in between.
  • Walking Lunges with Dumbbells - Lunge forward with one leg and then stand at the new spot. Then lunge forward with other leg and stand at the new spot. Continue this up to thirty to fifty yards, then stop for thirty seconds and again continue it thirty to fifty yards.
  • Power Cleans from Dead Hang - This is not only power lift, but is essentially a fat burner. Grab the barbell and pick the weight you can clean for fifteen to twenty times. Raise the weight up from shrugging position to the shoulders and then drop down. Continue for fifteen to twenty times and six set at a time. Take rest of thirty to sixty seconds between two sets.

Workout Fat Burning Exercises until Short of Breath

When workout is performed until short of breath, the body releases a powerful hormone known as HGH. This hormone is a potent fat burner. HGH is the key to get the slimmer and trimmed body.

In few conditions the release of HGH is greater. Workout in an empty stomach (not eating or drinking at all 3-4 hours before working) releases higher amount of HGH. Do not eat anything two hours after he fat burning exercises. Hit cardio hard for ten to fifteen minutes before hitting the fat burning exercises.



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