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Fat Burning Yoga

Excessive weight gain and obesity is a problem of today’s society. The modern people have adapted a life style which is more sedentary and promotes weight gain. The food we eat today has extra calories. All these things lead to undertake a weight loss program, which has many side effects. Abrupt weight loss might cause to sagging of skin. But yoga promotes fat burning and weight loss in a uniform manner, which has almost no side effects. Gradual weight loss is best for health and Yoga is the right thing for gradual fat burning. Another positive side of Yoga is it can be practiced at any age to keep the body supple. Yoga is good in burning fat by boosting up the metabolism and drawing all other benefits of yogic exercises. Fat burning yoga mainly includes backward bending posture, that elevates the heart rate and twisting posture that stimulates the adrenal glands and flush out toxins. Different types of cleansing techniques are important in fat burning procedure and thereby help in losing weight. Some of the cleansing methods are- Kunjal Kriya is the method of stomach and lung washing, Basti is colon cleansing, Laghu Shankha Prakshalan is digestive system cleansing technique and Baghti is the tiger exercise.

Fat Burning Yoga Asanas (posture)

There are different postures of Yogic asanas that help in fat burning. The different poses can be named as sun salute, angel pose, tree pose, triangle pose, locust pose, hero pose, camel pose, cobra pose, cat pose, aeroplane pose, child pose (sitting), wind releasing pose, spinal twists in sitting and dynamic poses etc.

To work on a particular body part like hips, abdomen, thighs, legs, arms or chest one can choose particular asanas meant for the specific requirement.

  • The asanas that tighten the abdomen are cobra pose, child pose, abdominal lift, wind releasing pose, spinal twist, Yogic seal pose, lying on the back pose like baat pose and naval move asana.
  • Yogic Asanas for legs and arms are hero pose, tree pose, dog pose in face up and face down posture, bridge pose in face up and face down posture, celibacy pose, swinging lotus pose, squat and rise pose etc.
  • Yoga Asanas that tighten the chest are triangle pose, cobra pose, baat pose lying on the back, wind releasing pose, lumber wheel pose, spinal twist and dog pose in face up and down.
  • Yoga asanas to tone up thighs and hips are sun salute, angel pose, triangle pose, hero pose I and II, dog pose in face up and face down posture, celibacy pose, butterfly pose, advanced wind releasing pose etc.
  • Pranayama or breathing exercises are also very important for Yoga. To practice Pranayama first blow the abdomen and then expand your chest during inhalation. During exhalation first relax the chest and then the abdomen. This should be practiced for ten times.
  • Meditation and relaxation are also important like pranayama as fat burning yoga. Focus your attention on breathing and keep the breathing thoroughly equalized.



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