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Fat Burning Supplements

Fat Burning is an important aspect of weight loss program. Fat burning can occur in different way like exercises, diet control etc. Taking fat burning supplements is an easier way to get rid of excess fat and lose the weight. However fat burning supplements work best in combination with proper diet and regular exercises.

Different Types of Fat Burning Supplements

The fat burning supplements available in the market can be classified as follows-

  • Thermogenic Fat Burners
  • Carb Blockers
  • Stimulant-free fat burners
  • Fat Blockers
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Thyroid Hormone increasers
  • Topical Gels
  • Cortisol Products
  • Other products that help in fat burning

Thermogenic fat burners - These are good fat burners without ephedra. Some people are sensitive to ephedra due to the condition of the heart or various medical conditions. Many other people can not tolerate ephedra as these make them feel a bit tense. The fat burners that are ephedra free and has caffeine enhances metabolic rate works excellent for fat burning. Modern research has made the thermogenic fat burners which really work well by raising metabolic rates which helps in burning calories even at rest.

Stimulant less thermogenics - This is for the people who want to keep off the stimulants entirely including caffeine. This type of fat burning supplement is safer for many people. Results show that generally people reduce seven to ten pounds of weight on average with this kind of fat burners.

Carb blockers - This type of fat burning supplements can be either used alone or in combination with thermogenics or different fat burners in order to increase the weight lose. The products such as BSN Cheaters Relief is great addition to any exercise and diet program.

Fat Blockers - These are widely used fat burning supplements among which most famous is Chitosan. The fat blockers work almost in the similar way the carb blockers act. The Chitosan binds with fat in the alimentary channel and thus can trap the fat and prevent them from getting deposited in the body.

Thyroid regulators - These are mainly thyroid supplements that produce more thyroid hormones than the body does normally. This works very well as one is able to regulate and control the thyroid gland so that it performs better than its own normal work. Popular ingredients that act as thyroid enhancer are forskolin and guggulsterones.

Appetite suppressants - Sometimes people have tendency to eat many times as they feel hungry. The appetite suppressants are the ingredients that help one to feel full stomach and feel no appetite. Eating less definitely helps in losing weight. Appetite suppressants are very useful part of the successful weightloss program.

Cortisol Products - When human body is under stress, the body releases the main stress-hormone called cortisol. Cortisol increases appetite and stores the fat. The cortisol products not only help us to lose fat very fast but also help to gain muscles from the workouts as much as possible.

Topical Creams - These products when rubbed into skin is directly absorbed and start working very fast.

Other Fat Losing Products - Various other products like Pyruvate, 7-keto, CLA, L-Carnitine, Protein bars etc. are also very useful as fat burning supplements.



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