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Fat Burning Workouts

Overweight and obesity is a great problem in modern generation. So many dietary and exercise programs are undertaken to burn the fat. Fat burning workouts are essential part of all the health and fitness programs. Body fat stored in excess has various harmful effects. Fat burning workouts involve body fat as a fuel and thus burns excess fat. At a given time the human body stores fifteen hundred kilocalories of energy as glycogen but the amount of body fat stored is between fifty thousand to sixty thousand kilo calaries. Aerobic exercises done in correct intensity is a great fat burning workout. Strength training is another way out of fat burning workout that decreases storage of body fat.

In a person who does not exercise there is a probability of gaining weight. The less the physical activity is slower is the metabolic rate. It is important to keep the body warm by fat burning workouts in order to keep the body warm.

Different Types of Fat Burning Workouts

Metabolic rate can be increased by regular workouts. This ensures the loss of calorie even while at rest. When muscle is build up, the amount of calorie burn is increased by twenty five percent. Fat burning workouts only for fifteen to twenty minutes a day is enough to restore the body in shape. Squatting with dumbells, push ups and leg raise are some of the most common exercises that are used in fat burning workouts. The exercises should be performed in two to three sets each day and rest should be taken for one to two minutes between each set. The entire workout should be repeated two or three times a week and atleast forty eight hours should be left between the workouts.

Squat with Dumbells - The exercise should be started with the feet at shoulder width and holding the dumbells with the hands. You should hold your head straight while maintaing the natural posture of the back and knees shold be soft. Now inhale as you bend at the knees and hips at the sitting position or as low as you can without causing any pain or discomfort. Allow your arms to swing forward for balance. It should be kept in mind that your buttocks never drops below the level of your knees and your knees do not extend beyond the toes.

Classic Push Up - You have to lie face down on the floor or mat with palms down, slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes curled under the floor. Back and legs should be kept straight. Now exhale as you slowly straighten your arms and psh your body away from the floor. Now lower your body down with inhalation to the point where your chest comes within few inches of the floor.

Modified Push Up - In modified push –ups everthing remains same as regular push ups except the knees are bent to remain on the floor throughout the workout instead of the feet.

Leg Raise - Lie on the mat or padded carpet on back with your legs straight, both hands under the buttocks to help to maintain proper pelvic tilt. Now with your head held off the floor a few inches, exhale and slowly bring your knees to the chest, If necessary supprt uour neck and head with a folded towel. Now straighten your legs with inhalation and tyhen return to the starting position. The exercise should be repeated for twenty to thirty times.



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